Barbie A-Line Dress

Here is a picture of what you will be making:

Barbie aline dress

Barbie A-line Dress

Instructions for saving and printing jpg or pdf files are here.

Download the pdf file of Barbie A-line Dress

Sewing Instructions for Barbie’s A-Line Dress

  1. Mark and sew the darts
  2. Sew the side seams and shoulder seamssew a machine stitched edge at the neck
  3. Opening and armhole openingssnip the curve and use the machine stitched edge as a
  4. Guide to roll the raw edge back and hand sew the neck and armhole edges into place hem the lower edge by hand or machine
  5. Turn back one edge of the center back and stitch down
  6. Add snaps at three places along the back edge (or apply small velcro patches)

Barbie is ready to go in a comfortable cotton dress. Lovely!