Barbie Top and Pants Pattern

How fun to make an easy top and pants for Barbie. Choose knit or woven material. Something lightweight will do. I made my top from a knit, and the pants from an even weave broadcloth of cotton and polyester. Here is a picture of what you will make:

Barbie top and pants 1

Time for the pattern as a gif file:


Instructions for saving and printing jpg or pdf files are here.

Download pdf file of T-Shirt-and-Slacks-1

Instructions follow for the top first, then the pants:

  T-shirt instructions

I found it really hard to sew the neck edge with my sewing machine. If you have trouble with this tiny edge, just sew it by hand. I used a back stitch.

Detail of t-shirt neck



A picture of my project below:

Finished Barbie top and pants 1

I have another set of this same top and pants on my new Barbie model.

barbie top and pants 2