Barbie Bathing Suit

It’s summer and time for a swim in the pool! Make this bathing suit for your Barbie.

barbie's bathing suit

The pattern will print on one page:

bathing suit pattern

Instructions for saving and printing jpg or pdf files are here.

Pdf file of Barbie’s Bathing Suit

Instructions for Sewing Barbie’s Bathing Suit

1. BODICE Make darts; trim and press open. Stitch under 1/4″ on upper edge clipping curves:

figure 1

2. SKIRT Stitch under 1/4″ on lower edge. Gather upper edge between small dots and notches as shown:

figure 2

3. SKIRT With RIGHT sides together, ping skirt to bodice, matching centers and placing small dots in skirt at darts in bodice front as shown. Adjust gathers to fit; baste. Stitch seam and press up. Press RIGHT back edge to INSIDE along solid line; stitch:

figure 3

4. SHOULDER STRAPS Cut two pieces of braid, each 3-1/4″ long. On INSIDE, sew ends of straps to bodice at small dots:

figure 4

5. FINISHING Press. Lap RIGHT back over LEFT, matching centers. Fasten with two snaps:

figure 5

PANTIES * NOTE These are sewn separately from the bathing suit, although I should test to see if the suit could be made in one piece.

6. Join center front seam; clip curves. Stitch under 1/4″ on leg edges, clipping curves. To form casing, press upper edge to INSIDE along fold line, as shown. Stitch 1/4″ from fold edge:

figure 6

7. Cut a piece of 1/8″ wide elastic 4″ long. Slip elastic through casing with a safety pin; adjust to fit and sew ends in place securely:


8. Join center back seam. Clip curves. Join inner leg seam. Press:

figure 8