Barbie Strapless Evening Gown

Pair Barbie’s strapless evening gown with the hooded cape.

Barbie Strapless Evening Gown
technical drawing of strapless evening gown


I have the image from the pattern envelope and the technical flat pictured above for the Barbie strapless evening gown.

evening gown bodice pattern jpg

Evening Gown skirt pattern jpg


Instructions for saving and printing jpg or pdf files are here.

Download pdf file of gown bodice and gown skirt

Instructions to sew the strapless evening gown are as follows:

1. To make darts in BODICE FRONT, fold RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, matching dotted lines and circles. Stitch along dotted lines. Press open and point toward center:

figure 1 sew darts

2. Stitch dart in each BODICE BACK:

figure 2 sew darts back

3. Stitch back to front at sides. Clip curve:

figure 3 bodice side seams

4. To gather upper edge of SKIRT, machine-baste 1/4″ and 1/8″ from raw edge:

figure 4 gather the skirt

5. Pin skirt to bodice, RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, matching center fronts, circles to side seams and having back edges even. Pull up bobbin threads and adjust gathers to fit. Hand-baste. Stitch. Press seam allowances towards bodice:

figure 5 attach bodice to skirt

6. Cut ribbon long enough for waist.
Center ribbon over waist. Cut off excess ribbon. Tack ribbon at back and sides.
Tie the remaining ribbon to bow and tack ribbon at LEFT dart:

figure 6 attach ribbon to lower edge of bodice

7. Finish upper and lower edge of gown. Stitch center back seam from lower edge to circle:

figure 7 finish edges of gown

8. Finish back edges of gown:

figure 8 finish back edges of gown gown

For fabric layout:

fabric layout
I finished this strapless evening dress for Barbie. The bodice is made of brocade (very lightweight), the skirt is made of black nylon tricot as it is very lightweight. I tried to make the skirt out of the brocade but it was just shredding in my hands when I tried to gather it into the skirt. Had to use this alternate fabric. But looks very good I think. Modeled on Barbie:

strapless evening dress

You can see her wearing this dress with the  Cape with Hood I made of black velveteen. Picture is at the bottom of the page!